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This is quite a lot of fun. The physics is sometimes unstable, but it's not that big issue.

That was a lot of fun to play! :-D

Add music, polish it following the classic "juice it or lose it" youtube video and you'll get a game that people will be more than happy to pay for.

I really like how smooth you got the camera.

The only point of improvement for the game play would be to add arrows (or other forms of clue) that point to where to go when you can't see where the exit is and the turn is not obvious.

You'll get my vote as soon as they'll open submission :-)

Thanks! I don't know why I didn't implement screen shake, it would have been trivial given the way the camera is already set up. Squash and stretch on the creeps and some nicer animations on the actions would have been cool.

These mechanics are really well done and super consistent!

Thanks! It took a bit of fiddling with the physics on the lifts but not as much as I expected after trying the first version where they just shot all over the place :)